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Character Counts at Brea Country Hills


What is Character Counts?


Brea Country Hills Elementary School actively supports Character Counts and the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. The six pillars are the foundation for showing good character from the time a student rides a school bus, to learning in a classroom, eating lunch, and interacting with others. The six pillars of character have become part of the language among students and staff, and students are encouraged and recognized for showing good character. Banners and posters are displayed throughout the campus. The Character Counts framework is not only visible through displays, but more importantly, it is evident in how students and staff respectfully treat each other every day.


• Character Counts is the nation’s most widely used character development framework.
• It is used in schools, sports, and civic organizations.
• It is based on shared beliefs and consensus values called the “Six Pillars of Character.”
• It provides an easy to understand, readily acceptable common language for youngsters, parents and character educators.
• Character Counts is a national grassroots initiative based on voluntary citizen action.
• It’s the only character education program with a certified training course for educators, youth development professionals and community organizers.

• Just a “feel-good” program





The Six Pillars of Character


• Be honest
• Don’t deceive, cheat or steal
• Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do
• Have the courage to do the right thin
• Build a good reputation
• Be loyal — stand by your family, friends and community



• Treat others with respect
• Follow the Golden Rule
• Be tolerant of differences
• Use good manners, not bad language
• Be considerate of others
• Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone
• Deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreements



• Do what you’re supposed to do 
• Persevere: keep on trying!
• Do your best
• Use self control
• Be self-disciplined
• Think before you act – consider the consequences
• Be accountable for your choices



• Play by the rules
• Take turns and share
• Be open-minded; listen to others
• Don’t take advantage of others
• Don’t blame others carelessly



• Be kind
• Be compassionate and show you care
• Express gratitude
• Forgive others
• Help people in need



Do your part to improve your school and community
• Protect the environment
• Cooperate
• Stay informed
• Vote
• Be a good neighbor
• Obey laws and rules
• Respect authority