Room 20

    Welcome to Room 20! I look forward to an amazing school year and am excited to share the journey of lifelong learning.
     Just a little about me: I enjoy working in sixth grade, and being a part of a community of learners. I have had the joy of being at Country Hills, first as a substitute teacher, then as a sixth grade teacher, for "some" time. I will share more with you later, and look forward to learning about you. Oh, for those of you who are curious, we do have two classroom pets.  The picture isn't one of our pets, but is Bella, my dog, and she is one of my pets at home.  
     In case you are wondering, yes, we will have homework our first week of school. Your assignment will be to gather five or six items that share something about you, your interests, or hobbies. Please try as best you can to gather items that will fit into a paper lunch bag, to be provided by me. If you have something that won't fit into your bag, like a pet :),  you may bring a photograph or drawing of your pet instead of the actual item. In other words, bring something that might represent your interest or hobby.  Your "Me Bag" will be due Friday, August 23, 2019. Of course, I will give you more information once we meet in person.
    Also, I would like you to bring a chapter book for reading the first week of school. Please bring a book that interests you, and is within your comfortable reading level (five finger rule: not too easy and not too hard). Additionally, please plan on having a reading book at school throughout the school year. We also have reading books in the classroom, and will have access to our school library several weeks after school is underway. 
     Please try to bring a water bottle to school each day as well. In the past, some students have chosen to bring refillable bottles, which is fine. I do ask that the bottle is brought home for cleaning at the end of the school week, if not each day, though. Thank you for that. 
     As far as school supplies, please refer to the school supply list for sixth grade. If you would like to make a donation to the classroom, we always appreciate tissues and wipes, as we use many throughout the year. 
     More information will be given to parents / guardians at our Country Hills Back-to-School Night September 3rd. 
     Lastly, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My e-mail is and our class phone is 714-990-3221 x120. 
     I look forward to meeting each of you soon! 
     Christy Raish
Believe in yourself, and what you can do!